With Meat & Biscuit, Magnusson Petfood has created a whole new standard for dry dog food. While the protein content for all other dry dog foods is derived from meat meal, the protein source in Meat & Biscuit is exclusively based on fresh Swedish meat and fresh Swedish eggs. Completely free of meat meal. This gives the product excellent protein quality, supreme digestibility and fantastic palatability.


The secret to really good dog food is using fantastic ingredients, cooking it with genuine understanding and seasoning it with tons of love. That is why for us, it is unthinkable to use ingredients from across the globe. Instead, our ingredients are produced exclusively by Swedish farmers, whose farms are preferably located as close as possible to our facilities.

Locally grown is always best, not only for the environment but also for maximizing the quality of the ingredients.

This is especially true of our popular Meat & Biscuits where we always use fresh Swedish meat. Because fresh meat cannot be stored particularly long without losing its high quality, we have thoroughly studied our manufacturing routines.  From a purely practical standpoint this means that we always have our fresh meat delivered early in the morning – directly from the Swedish butcher, in an unbroken cold chain.

That our products are tasty and have a high nutritional content, is a given. Moreover, there are other great advantages to our products:

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • High traceability
  • Concern for all animals
  • No oddities
  • No unnecessary additives

Our Work Flow

Magnusson Petfood is the only producer in Scandinavia – and one of a few in the world – that oven bakes dog food. It is no coincidence that we chose this method. Oven baking is a gentle production process that preserves the ingredients’ natural characteristics. In addition, most dogs tend to think that oven baked dog food tastes fantastic. We have no need to add flavor enhancers or spray our finished food with fat, which are two common methods used for extruded pet food. If you put your hand into a bag of extruded pet food, you will usually become quite sticky and smeary. This is not the case when handling oven baked dog food from Magnusson Petfood.

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