In Magnusson Original we use only high-quality Swedish ingredients as we bake slowly in the oven. In Magnusson Original’ll find no unnecessary additives – just pure Swedish ingredients that your dog feel good!

Composition (all ingredients are of Swedish origin)

Ecological whole wheat flour*, vegetable oil and fat 2,7% (cold pressed ecological rapeseed oil*). All ingredients are of Swedish origin.

*) KRAV-approved ingredient.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 10%, fat 5%, fibre 2,8%, NFE (carbohydrate) 67,7%, minerals (ash) 5,5% (of which calcium 1,5% and phosphorus 0,5%), water 9%.

Metabolisable energy: 1300 kJ/100 g (according to the Swedish Board of Agriculture).


Ensure that the dog has access to fresh and clean water at all times. The dog is a creature of habit that enjoys eating the same food at the same time every day. The amount of food varies depending on breed, temperament, exercise, climate, etc. The following table is merely an average daily feeding guide.


Weight of dog
1 – 5 kg
5 – 10 kg
10 – 20 kg
20 – 40 kg
40 – 60 kg
Food per day
1-2 dl Blanda + 30-60 g meat
2-3 dl Blanda + 60-80 g meat
3-5 dl Blanda + 80-150 g meat
5-8 dl Blanda + 150-250 g meat
8-12 dl Blanda + 250-400 g meat

The proportion of meat should be increased for puppies and young dogs, lactating and pregnant bitches, and hard-working dogs.